Amy Drake
Amy Drake is a Pulitzer Prize nominated playwright,  an award-winning director, and actor. Her plays are available for licensing and she accepts playwriting commissions upon request.
Amy Drake is passionate about playwriting!

I wrote my first play when I was five years old and performed it for my kindergarten class. Many years later I wrote my second play, over one night in a New York City hotel room while on a weekend excursion with my husband. I have been writing, and producing, plays ever since.  I suppose I've always had a theatrical flair. The picture at right was taken when I was a high school student volunteer at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI). My creative force gets me up in the morning.

I'm also a history geek. I do a great deal of historical research for my period pieces. This reasearch often gets funneled into a conference paper, which I then  publish in a journal.

My next undertaking is the development of a Creativity Workshop to help fellow creatives--writers, painters, performance artists--find ways of unlocking their creative potential and providing them with a toolkit to take their idea from imagination to fruition, in what ever way they choose to define success.

To inquire about licensing my plays for performance or hiring me to come and speak to your club or organization please see the CONTACT ME page.

Amy Drake is a Pulitzer Prize nominated playwright. Her plays have been performed in New York, Chicago, La Jolla, and Columbus. She was voted Theatre Roundtable Best Director for Night Must Fall and was assistant director for the Actors’ Theatre production of Servant of Two Masters, which ranked among The Columbus Dispatch Top-10 shows of 2012. . Amy is a published academic writer, conference speaker, and poet.. Her education includes creative writing and history summer programs at Cambridge University, UK, graduate studies at Reed Hall, Paris and playwriting at the Kenyon (College) Summer Institute.  Her new play, Alexander the Great in Love and War, will be performed in the Evolution Theatre Festival, June 2016.